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The Green Party Visitor Natalie Bennett

In early 2011 GroundTherm Ltd was approached by Oldham College to install and equip the Renewable s Training Workshop.The purpose of the workshop, later named the Green Technology Centre is to deliver design ,installation and Maintenance Training and Assessment Courses to UK certification standards in the following technologies.

The Courses Delivered at the Centres are designed to meet the National Occupational Standards drawn up by Summit Skills, the sector skills council building services industry in the UK. The courses are certificated through the City & Guilds of London institute and Bpec both of whom are recognised Awarding bodies for certification in these occupational areas which are certification and recognised as a License to practice for operatives installing and maintaining equipment in the subjects listed below.

Domestic Solar Photo-Voltaic Systems.

Domestic Solar Thermal Hot water Systems.

Domestic Ground Source and Air source Heat Pump hot water and Heating systems.

Domestic Rainwater Harvesting and Grey water Re-use systems.

Domestic Gas fired Micro-CHP Heating Systems.  The Training Installations at the Green Technology Centre were designed by Tony Ganner, at the time Curriculum Manager for Plumbing, Gas and Green Technology Courses at Oldham College.

We then went on to installing at other following Colleges. This give GroundTherm a true insight to what the future holds for training facilities and the industry as a whole.

  • The Manchester College
  • Tameside College
  • Trafford College
  • Salford College
  • St Helen’s College
  • Hopwood Hall College

    Training Centre for Oldham College Training Bays for Solar-thermal and PV roof

    Training Bays for Solar-thermal.

    PV training area for the Invertor testing

    Under floor training area plus Air source heat pump training.


    This is the PV on roof system for The Manchester College

    Training facility for Rain water Harvesting

    Drilling for the ground loops 110m each

    Carbon drill head

    My self and Ed Davey discussing the Oldham Green technology Centre.

    These Guys are the Best Right to Left Tony Ganner, Alan Milne, John Eley. Credit to these guys

    The Guys at the TOP

    This the start of the installation of the Ground Source heat pump

    Air source heat pump for the training centre

    Internal Manifold for Training so the student can flush and fill the system with heat transfer fluid.

    Trenches and sand blinding done, Geo thermal tape for location finder. Plus these systems have the temperature probes on the Ground loop and are linked into the monitoring system.

    The Manifold is for flushing and filling for the training purpose

    Ground source training area finished this ground loop has a solar-thermal dump for the summer periods

    Preparing Trenches for the Ground loops