Case Study – Ground Source Heat Pump Retrofit

Location – Wilmslow, Cheshire

Existing situation and objectives

This client wanted to go down renewable energy route for ethical and financial reasons.


Initially before any work began we carried out a heat loss survey, to determine the hot water and heating load, in addition to a British Geological Survey in order to calculate accurate borehole depths.

As the Ground Source Heat Pump system was being installed in an existing property we needed to gain access via a neighbour’s garden in order to bring in the drilling rig necessary to insert the boreholes. Once access had been gained we installed two 120 metre boreholes plus headers, manifold and chamber. The equipment itself consisted of a 12 kilowatt Nibe Ground Source Heat Pump, 400 litre domestic hot water cylinder and 300 litre buffer vessel. Any relevant controls and equipment were also included and fitted accordingly. The work was completed within three working weeks.

Outcome and benefits

The client now has a full working heating and hot water system, which is incredibly energy efficient and climate controlled. The system is also saving over two tons of carbon a year – which dramatically reduces the carbon footprint of the property with a consequentially positive effect on the environment overall.