Case Study – Holly Barn Farm

Holly Barn Farm, Marple, Stockport, Cheshire

Existing situation and objectives

This project was part of a new-build where the client wished to implement a renewable energy solution as opposed to using traditional fossil fuels and facing unstable future energy bills and expenditure. With this in mind, we liaised with the client, the architect and the builder closely during the design of the build and plant room situation. Once the decision was made on the position of the equipment with the client we then set to work.


Our solution based on client requirement and objectives was a 12kW Ground Source heat pump with 3 boreholes with a 4kW Solar PV system. As always we began with a Heat Loss calculation for the building to determine the size and type of installation needed, before conducting a British Geological Survey to calculate the depth of the boreholes required accurately. We also carried out a structural survey for the Solar PV panels for wind and snow loadings, in addition to a DNO completed with the electrical supplier to ensure the dwelling had sufficient voltage. A 12kW NIBE Ground Source heat pump with accompanying 250ltr buffer tank and 300ltr DHW were fitted along with the Solar PV installation. This project was completed in 3 weeks.

Outcome and benefits

The client would have had to use oil or propane gas for their heating supply without the provision of a renewable alternative. In this case the 12kW ground source heat pump was used for the heating and hot water and the 4kW PV system was used to of set the electric bills for the heating and hot water, meaning the client now has low energy bills throughout the year. The additional RHI return benefit has also resulting in a quicker return on the initial investment made on the installation.