Case Study – Underfloor Heating & Heat Pump Retrofit

Location – Manchester

Existing situation and objectives

In this instance the client was living in an older property, but wanted sustainable energy to replace her old gas system – ideally, she wanted to come off gas to bring down her bills whilst reducing her Co2 emissions. Following a thorough review of the client’s property and requirements we recommended a Ground Source Heat Pump with boreholes, which we retrofit whilst installing an efficient underfloor heating system simultaneously.


Initially before any work began we carried out a heat loss survey, to determine the hot water and heating load, in addition to a British Geological Survey in order to calculate accurate boreholedepths.

As this was an older, pre-existing building we had to gain access for the drilling, so we removed the corresponding brick wall which we rebuilt after the project. We also took up the existing floor boards and fitted 100mm of insulation and installed a biscuit screed to increase the thermal mass.

A Nibe 12kW GSHP heat pump and 250ltr hot water cylinder 250ltr buffer tank for heating were fitted. This was in addition to the under floor heating system and radiators, kick plate heater, and programmable room stats for the under floor heating, giving the client full control of their home’s temperature and energy usage. This project took 3 weeks in total.

Outcome and benefits

In comparison to the old gas system the client had installed, the new system is incredibly energy efficient and reduces Co2 gas emissions as well as dramatically lowering the client’s bills as requested.

This client was in fact one of our first clients to get the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive), which was came off natural gas. The savings against gas was £69 a quarter, plus a RHI annual return

The end result is an efficient heating system with very low maintenance costs in line with the client’s initial goals.