Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery

Despite the fancy name, Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MHVR) is actually a very simple discipline operating in a minimally disruptive, highly efficient way. Using a series of filters, fans and vents a heat recovery system will keep your house well ventilated throughout the year, whist also recovering the heat already inside your home. It brings air from the outside and recycles the otherwise wasted heat to keep the air inside your home at a safe, comfortable temperature.

How does it work?

Via an intelligent air filtration system, MVHR moves warm air from traditionally higher-temperature areas in the home (such as kitchens and bathrooms) and uses it to heat up other spaces whilst simultaneously cooling down the area in question to maintain a static temperature throughout the home. This means that instead of filling a space with more heat by keeping the heating on for longer at a higher temperature, latent heat can be reused which is overall a much more economical and intelligent methodology.

What are the benefits?

mvh-heatingNaturally, an MVHR system saves you money and protects the environment as it is more efficiently recycling heat and spreading it evenly throughout the home to keep everywhere at optimum temperature, rather than needlessly reheating areas of the home which are poorly insulated or already hold a large amount of heat whilst others remain cooler. It is highly cost-effective, running at just £28 per year on average. However the real benefits involve an improvement in health for your family – as MVHR prevents a home from becoming damp by providing adequate ventilation. Whilst your property might not display obvious signs of damp (musty smell, mould growth) often there is moisture present in the air that we can’t detect. This moisture serves as a breeding ground for allergy-inducing spores and bugs which can greatly affect your health, giving rise to common conditions such as asthma, hay-fever and eczema. MVHR systems reduce airborne dust, bugs and pollen circulating in the air inside your home and replace it with clean, fresh, dry air – resulting overall in a safer, healthier environment for you and your family to live in.

Is an Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery system right for me?

These intelligent systems can be fitted into any home – mostly they are incorporated into new builds and commercial projects but can also be easily retrofitted into older properties. The benefits can be seen in virtually any property – and health-wise anybody can see the improvement a higher quality of air brings, making it an especially worthwhile investment for homes lived in by the elderly or very young. Now most new homes are built with MVHR installed as standard to increase energy efficiency and reduce excess carbon emissions caused by overworked central heating systems.

Costs, maintenance and timescales

MVHR systems take around two to three weeks to install on average. They can be used straight away following installation and you should see a beneficial effect almost immediately. The system will need to be serviced periodically to ensure that is running at optimal level – this is a quick assessment which involves cleaning fans and vents and checking that filters are clear and operating correctly. As with all our installations, our MVHR systems are covered by our ten year insurance-backed workmanship warranty.

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