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Best Renewable Heating solution 2020?

It’s 2020, a new decade and a time of complete change in our society. We are now more than ever conscious of the negative effect global warming is having on our world. As the beginning of the year is a time for positive change, there are plenty of ways to reduce our impact on the environment.

How to Heat Your Home for Less with Renewable Energy

A different way to impact the environment, other than renewable heating is Veguanuay is one, a movement where by people become vegan for the month of January with the hope of cutting down their meat and animal product intake for the rest of the year as a result. Veganism has become a hugely popular movement, and as the meat industry is to blame for 60% of agriculture’s greenhouse gas emissions contributing to global warming, Veganuary is an effective way to help reduce your impact. There are also changes you can make in your home to reduce your families impact on global warming as well as save you money on your bills. But as the start of the year is usually when we have the least spare cash, we’ve suggested the most cost effective renewable heating solutions to help you save your money as well as the environment.

Take Advantage of Ground Source Heat Pumps

It’s not surprising that ground source heat pumps have risen in popularity over the years. The government announced a renewable heating incentive that is still available until March 2021 which means there are now schemes in place for people who choose a renewable heating solution for their homes. This has been a fantastic way to attract more home owners to take the plunge and decrease carbon emissions as well as reduce the cost of living, a surprising benefit of this change.

Ground source heat pumps use a network of pipes buried underground to extract heat from the ground and into your home. The ground-loop pipe contains a mixture of water and anti-freeze that transfers the heat from the fluid to a heat exchanger and into your heat pump, all in one simple and efficient system flow. One of the many benefits about this system is the constant heat within the ground. Underground, the temperature stays a regular temperature no matter the time of year, meaning you are not relying on the summer months to store the heat for winter when the weather gets colder. These pumps can produce heat all year round, so no disruption to your heating!

Ground source heat pumps don’t need a lot of looking after once installed, in fact they have very little maintenance whatsoever once they are in your home, you can just relax and forget about them. Groundtherm can even make the installation simple, we manage the project from start to finish and take care to ensure your objectives of installing this low emission solution is achieved. Our experts will monitor the installation and keep an eye on the running of it even once it is installed in your home, with our handy app that allows our staff to make sure your renewable heating system works perfectly for you.

Harness the sun with Solar

Solar panels are probably the most well known renewable heating solution. There is a misconception that solar panels will only heat your home in the summer months, or the few days in the North West when the sun shines. Although they are best suited on south facing roofs and are more optimised when they aren’t covered by any shade, they can be used all year round. Working with a hot water heating system the solar panel solution is cheap to install, the cheapest of the renewable heating solutions currently on the market. Solar panels work by using the sun to heat up the liquid within each panel that then heats the water in your tank ready for you and your family to use. They don’t just heat your water either, most solar panels can also generate electricity, helping cut your power bill.

Groundtherms solar thermal renewable heating installation is quick and simple. We asses your home and current usage before recommending the panels for your roof. We understand that every home is different and some families are bigger than others and so we like to understand your needs before we recommend the right solution for you. If solar heating is deemed suitable for your home we can have these checked, installed and tested within three days to cause minimum disruption to your families routine and any other systems being installed to help you reach your energy saving goals can be installed over this time too.

Make 2020 the year of change

There are so many ways to heat your home for less, with various options, schemes and grants already out there it’s not surprising more and more people are choosing to make the change to renewable heating now. As the decade progresses the variety of low emission solutions will only increase and as the popularity and demand grows for more environmental options, the cost of buying and installing these into your home will become more and more cost effective for every home owner. Here At Groundtherm we pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve for renewable heating solutions and will provide all suitable homes with the best product for them. Give us a call or fill in our enquiry form today to see how we can help you do your bit for the environment, all while saving money.

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