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Maintenance & Aftercare

Maintenance and aftercare of your Ground and Air Heat Pump.

Regular professional maintenance and aftercare is essential for Ground and Air Source Heat Pumps, as this increases the longevity of your system and its components. It also ensures that it continues to run at maximum efficiency.

We take this this on board for your, organising yearly check-ups to run a full MOT on the system and carry out essential routine maintenance. Think of it as a check-up at the dentist for your heating system – an appointment that keeps it clean and healthy and identifies any possible issues so that they can be addressed and resolved before more significant problems arise.


To tell if maintenance and aftercare is right for 
you, there are a few key questions to consider:

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I’m on the RHI program. Why do I need regular maintenance?

Recent guidelines from the RHI specify that EPCs must be carried out every two years alongside regular maintenance. This means that a yearly service and two-yearly EPC check are now essential in order to retain your funding on the program. There’s a practical reason for this – as the two combined will help to keep your system up to date and running smoothly, allowing for adjustments to be made as your circumstances and environments adapt and evolve.

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What does aftercare involve?

We recommend scheduling in annual maintenance visits to keep your system in tip-top condition. During an aftercare service we’ll come out and thoroughly check the system over, running essential reports and reviews. Standard maintenance tasks are completed, such as cleaning filters out, topping up and checking glycol levels. This visit also provides us with an opportunity to check if your requirements have changed – if so, your system may need to be altered or upgraded to better suit your needs now or in the near future.

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What are the benefits of aftercare?

There are many important benefits of regular, professional aftercare and maintenance. These include:

- The opportunity to identify and catch issues early. Regular maintenance circumvents problems and identifies where things may need to be fixed or altered to keep your system running efficiently. Finding faults sooner rather than later reduces the risk of costly issues occurring further down the line without the benefit of early intervention.
- Longevity. Your heat pump will last longer with regular service naturally – when you look after something properly, it is more likely to stand the test of time.
- Keep in line with current regulations. If you are benefiting from the RHI scheme, you’ll need to arrange yearly maintenance and professional aftercare to retain your funding.
- Peace of mind. You don’t need to worry about things going wrong or unexpected bills – as your system will be in safe hands.

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