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Canberra House

High Street Meonstoke Hampshire

Existing situation and objectives

In this case we fitted a ground source heat pump with boreholes for a code level 5 build. This solution matched the client’s objectives, which included a sustainable future with static energy bills and the chance to save using the government’s RHI initiative.


Following a detailed assessment of the heating and hot water demand though using a heat loss calculation along with a British Geological Survey we fitted a Nibe F1145 12kw with a World Heat 450ltr hot water cylinder and a World Heat 300ltr buffer tank. We also worked closely with the client to make sure we complied with the building regulations, as this was a code level 5 build. The work was completed in 3 weeks.

Outcome and benefits

The overall result was a highly efficient heating system and a cost-effective solution for the future. The installation also helped the client to meet necessary code level 5 regulations. The client was very pleased with the end results, as these were in line with their initial goals and enabled them to enjoy the prospect of reliable energy bills going forward.

When asked about the installation they said:

Investing in renewable energy in the form of a ground source system has helped us reduce our energy bills which will give us a sustainable future. We’re also feeling the benefits of the RHI. This also works well alongside the code level 5 regulations, something we were initially concerned about.

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