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Green Home Grant: We are TrustMark Registered

The new Green Home Scheme from the UK Government, the Green Home Grant has been extended until March 2022. Following confirmation from MCS that we also need to be TrustMark registered to participate in the new Green Homes Grant Scheme, we are delighted to confirm that we are now a member of TrustMark!

Clean Heat Grant Information

Later this month, under the Green Homes Grant scheme, homeowners in England can check eligibility for vouchers worth up to two-thirds of the cost of hiring tradespeople to upgrade the energy efficiency of their home – the maximum contribution will be £5,000, or for those on lower incomes, a 100% grant up to £10,000 will be available for certain work.

The vouchers, which will be issued from the end of September, will help pay for energy efficiency improvements, that will help cut energy bills and potentially save families hundreds of pounds a year.

A statement from the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS), said consumers will be able to use a TrustMark Registered Business from their local area to carry out energy-efficient measures in and around their homes. They will be able to use the vouchers to install one or more of the following:

• solid wall, under-floor, cavity wall or roof insulation
• air source or ground source heat pump
• solar thermal

In addition, households can use their voucher for further energy-saving measures. These include one or more of the following:

• double or triple glazing/secondary glazing, when replacing single glazing
• upgrading to energy-efficient doors
• hot water tank/appliance tank thermostats/heating controls

The grant scheme is available until the end of March 2022.

The Green Homes Grant scheme, which Chancellor Rishi Sunak launched in his summer statement, will see £2bn invested in improving the energy efficiency of the nation’s homes.

How this affects GroundTherm

The key advantage of the new scheme is the initial capital available to the customer in the form of a voucher. This means a significant reduction in the barriers to entry to the heat pump market, essentially, heat pumps are more accessible for more people.

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