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Going Green with GroundTherm

It’s an unavoidable yet unpleasant truth: our planet is rapidly becoming a toxic place to live – with the valuable resources we use every day to help us to survive increasingly scarce. Global warming is also quickly changing the ecological and biological dynamic of the earth we call home, and it’s thanks to the excessive use of toxic non-renewable fuel to run our cars, heat our homes and provide us with much-needed electricity.

 Why renewable energy?

‘Going green’ has been a popular trend in recent years but now governments and homebuilders are recognising that it is a necessity if we want to continue living our lives as we do now. If we all made small sacrifices (walking or cycling more, re-using old packaging, eating less meat and cutting down on wasted food) or significant changes (a switch to a renewable energy source, purchasing an electric car) we would make substantial headway in cutting the effect the way we live our daily lives has on the planet for future generations.

How can renewable energy revolutionise the way you live?

Aside from the economical advantages renewable energy can bring, making the switch can also make you healthier and significantly reduce your fuel bills. These highly-efficient new systems can produce more energy than their traditional counterparts, whilst cutting down carbon emissions and saving homeowners money they would have previously spent on costly finite fuel sources. The ‘real-life’ efficiency of renewable systems is measure by a Co-efficient of Performance, or CoP. The higher the CoP, the more efficient your outcome will be. As an example, a traditional gas boiler heating system comprised of several radiators throughout the home will on average have a CoP of ___. Compare this to the CoP of a Ground Source Heat Pump (3.7) and it’s simple to see why there are financial savings to be made as well as a reduction in your carbon footprint.


Investing in renewable energy with Groundtherm

We’re incredibly passionate about what we do and understand both the wider consequences of a switch renewable energy as well as the personal implications for you and your family. The benefits of installing a renewable source such as Ground Source Heat Pumps or Air Source systems are numerous, but they can only be seen when the system in question has been properly fitted and all essential aspects considered.

This is something which is very important to us – as for both our customers and the environment to fully benefit from any renewable installation, we need to take into account every small element from start to finish. This means calculating your heat loss, current efficiency and energy usage to understand your needs, considering how a renewable system could benefit you and explaining which will suit you well. It involves conducting thorough surveys depending on which source of energy you choose – whether that’s an assessment of your roof pending the installation of solar panels or a BGS (British Geological Survey) in preparation for a Ground Source Heat Pump installation. You’re informed at every step of the way and can always count on transparent, honest explanations of the processes and procedures being carried out during the installation. You’ll also received a detailed handover booklet with every piece of information and documentation you will need to make the most of your new system going forward, including manufacturer warranty details and our own guarantee certification.

What do we offer?

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground Source Heat Pumps offer a highly effective way to achieve the above objectives – using heat already stored underground and running it through an economically heat-powered pump to produce plentiful hot water and enough heat to warm a whole property. Find out more >>

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps work in exactly the same way as their Ground Source counterparts – the only difference being that the source of the heat comes from the air around the system and not from pipes deep underground. Find out more >>

Underfloor Heating

We are specialists in underfloor heating accredited and qualified to BPEC standard – as this efficient way of heating your home needs to be laid and connected properly to your existing or new heating system to be fully effective. Find out more >>

Solar Thermal Heating

Also known as ‘Solar Thermal’, Solar Heating systems are Solar PV’s counterpart, providing hot water for your home as opposed to electricity. Solar panels are fitted on the roof of your property and easily provide you with hot water during summer and winter months alike.  Find out more >>

MV Heat Recovery

Via an intelligent air filtration system, MVHR moves warm air from traditionally higher-temperature areas in the home (such as kitchens and bathrooms) and uses it to heat up other spaces whilst simultaneously cooling down the area in question to maintain a static temperature throughout the home. Find out more >>

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