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Innovation & Renewables

Here at Groundtherm, we cater to any kind of build and strive to take smart homes and modern living to the next level.

Our innovative methods mean we take on every idea and can heat any space you desire with our eight different types of heat sources, all of which successfully heat any required space in a cost effective, efficient and eco-friendly way.

Since the 1990’s, Groundtherm has been passionate about not only renewable energy, but the design and installation of each project. It is because of this interest that we take great care in creating the most professional, expert renewable solutions to your modern living projects. We think a great, contemporary home, fit for future generations and leading the way in innovation, should have a heating solution worthy of it. Our heat sources are more cost effective, safer and require less maintenance than traditional heating sources. Their installation requires no planning permission and have a key part to play in the UK’s binding renewable energy targets. Our heating sources take the worry out of heating your project, leaving you time and money to design and build your innovative renewable project.

Our project support means you have plenty of choice to in getting the best result possible from the services we offer when we partner with you, your architects and any contractors involved, from start to finish. We thrive on new, revolutionary design and heating ideas and are excited to push ourselves and our products to fit perfectly within each individual project.

With our services we can keep your heating and fuel costs at a balanced level and make it stay there. Our renewable alternatives to heating are innovative and pave the way for the next generation of the heating sector. Be ahead of the game, choose GroundTherm.

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