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Renewable Heating Solutions, Make a Resolution That Lasts

Making a big change in your home can be a daunting task, the modification in your routine means that although the process is usually easy and accessible for everyone, we avoid it. The new year is a chance for everyone to embrace change and start afresh, the perfect time to ditch your old heating system and enquire about a renewable heating system.

Why Your Heating System May be The Reason You Feel ill This Winter

Have you ever wondered about the air quality within your own home? It’s the place we spend the majority of our life, it’s where we bring up our children and yet most homes have poor ventilation and air flow that traps potentially health-damaging pollutants. When the weather gets colder and we start tinkering with our old heating systems, the risk of getting ill increases even more. If you have an old heating system that leaves cold spots in your house, your blood pressure could be affected. Dr Maurice Pye, a consultant cardiologist at York hospital states “If you go from hot to cold…It causes a reflex that narrows the arteries, which reduces the blood supply to the heart muscle. This can cause angina, heart attacks or changes in heart rhythm.” Also, central heating has been known to make eyes feel gritty and and uncomfortable, as it evaporates the natural oils that sit on your eye. With all the risks involved inside your own home this winter, there is no better time to start the new year by refreshing your old heating system and replacing it with a renewable heating solution from the experts here at Groundtherm.

One Change, Plenty of Benefits

The government have recently issued a Domestic RHI that has seen new regulations come into effect. The Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive is a financial incentive to promote the use of renewable heat. By encouraging households to switch to renewable heating systems the UK decreases its carbon emissions and has more chance of meeting its renewable energy targets. If you join, the government pays you a sum of money for seven years, depending on how much clean renewable heat it is estimated your renewable system produces. Anyone can join the scheme, whether you are on or off the gas grid and many people who have switched have already seen the benefits.

Not only are you lowering the carbon emissions generated by your own home by switching to a renewable heating solution, but you’re saving money too. The installation of one of our services is proven to reduce the cost of your bills. Most of our services run on electricity which means that you don’t need to pay for oil, gas or solid fuels to heat your home. And they are more cost efficient than electric radiators too, so you will use less electricity.

Groundtherms Renewable Heating Installations – the Solution to Your New Year Resolution

We have a varied range of renewable energy solutions for your home, you choose the solution that is the right fit for you. We are happy to come and visit the property and have a consultation with you before you make any decisions. It’s a key part of the service we provide at GroundTherm. Low emission’s from renewables sources of heat is one of the best ways to de-carbonise your home and reducing global warming plus ensuring we take care of our future generations.

– Ground Source Heat Pumps

The clue is in the name, our ground source heat pumps extract their warmth from the ground to heat your property and provide hot water. It uses heat accumulated in the ground from solar rays throughout the day, and runs through an economically electric-powered pump to produce plentiful hot water and heat.

Read more about this service by clicking this link.

– Air Source Heat Pumps

Similar to the Ground source heat pump, this solution takes its source of heat from the air. One of the biggest advantages of these systems is they work in harmony with traditional radiator systems and underfloor heating. When we come to asses the property we would recommend this service if it had any of these existing systems.

Read more about this service by clicking this link.

– Solar Thermal

Solar heating is fast becoming more and more popular for heating your home, and we have been installing these systems since 1995. Our expert knowledge means your installation is fitted to ensure maximum efficiency and economy. Solar panels can work even with cloud cover obscuring direct sunlight, so they will happily run all year long, summer or winter.

Read more about this service by clicking this link.

These are just a small selection of the services we offer that really can make a huge difference in your home and create long lasting benefits. If you are interested in this idea and think January could be the time for you to make that leap into a renewable heating solution then contact us on 0161 368 4999 or get in touch via our enquiry form

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