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Renewable Heating Solutions Explained: SOLAR THERMAL HEATING

In a nutshell: Solar thermal heating systems (also known as ‘Solar Thermal’) provide your home with hot water using energy harvested from the sun.

How Does Solar Thermal Heating Work?

The main principle behind solar thermal heating is harnessing the sun’s energy and converting it into heat which can be utilised by your buildings heating system as hot water or space heating.

These thermal heating systems will work alongside your existing boiler/immersion heater system, generating heat from the sun and then storing it inside your water tanks to be used as and when you need it.


The Pro’s and Con’s of Solar Thermal Heating Systems

3 PRO’s

1. Savings on your Energy Bills

Regardless of whether you currently heat your water with gas or electricity, a solar thermal system will provide a small amount of free hot water each day; over time, this can add up to some significant savings! 

2. Environmentally-friendly 

Using traditional fossil fuels to heat up your water releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Even electric-powered  systems cause pollution, as that electricity is more-than-likely generated from fossil fuels. With a solar thermal system, you can be entirely sure that you’re using an emission-free, renewable resource for your water heating needs.

3. Low Maintenance

Once you install your solar thermal system, it will require little to no maintenance. Other than replacing the antifreeze fluid and having your system inspected every few years as a safety precaution, the maintenance requirements are minimal. In addition to this, a well-maintained solar thermal installation can last for more than 20 years, all the while providing free hot water from solar energy.


1. Dependent on climate

You don’t need 24/7 for solar thermal energy to make sense. These systems will always work in conjunction with a backup heater (usually gas or electric), so even on the bleak, rainy days, you won’t run out of hot water. However, the solar thermal system will work more effectively and you will save more on your water heating bills if you live in a sunnier climate as more energy is available to be harvested.

2. Upfront installation costs

As is the case for many home improvement projects, a solar thermal installation has significant upfront costs. As a rough estimate, a solar heating installation costs around £3,000, including the cylinder, and takes 3 days to complete as a ballpark. This will obviously vary depending on the location and size of your property. That said, in the long term, these costs can be offset by the savings.

3. Solar Thermal  is Only for Water

A solar thermal heating system only provides heated water, and won’t provide your home with electricity. If you want to use solar energy to power the rest of your home, you’ll need to install a photovoltaic (PV) solar energy system. 


Why Use Groundtherm as your Solar Thermal Heating Provider? 

Groundtherm have been specialising in renewable energy for over 25 years – and we have been fitting Solar Thermal systems since 1995! We always make sure that we conduct a full consultation with you to ascertain what your needs are and whether the proposed system is a good fit for you. Our experience allows us to help you to select the best option for you, whilst ensuring that your installation is properly fitted and provides maximum efficiency and economy to reduce bills and lower carbon emissions more effectively. If you want to find out more about how we can help you, get in touch today! 


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