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Stay Warm This Winter With Renewable Heating Solutions

With the cost of living rising and the cold weather coming in, it’s no wonder four out of ten of us are avoiding switching on the heating during colder spells due to fears about energy bills.

How to keep the cold out and the heat in

When the cold weather comes creeping up it becomes harder and harder to stop the heat escaping your home and there’s only so many wooly layers you can wear to keep yourself toasty! As renewable heating solution experts, we understand the importance of  ‘winter-proofing’ your home quickly and efficiently. There are things any homeowner or renter can do to help keep the heat from escaping through your windows and doors.

 Here is a list of the top 5 quick fixes to get you through this winter period:

1. Buy draft excluders
DIY draught proofing doors, windows and other nooks and crannies can be be a surprisingly quick way to stop heat escaping

2. Top your roof insulation
most loft spaces have insulation fitted that is under the recommended standard so buying some extra insulation is a great ay to save money on heating your home!

3. Put up thicker curtains
ditch the summer drapes and opt for thicker curtains this winter to add an extra layer of protection against unwanted drafts from windows

4. Let the sunlight in during the day
What is better than the winter sun warming your room up on a cold day? Let the sun in until dusk to maximise the suns natural heat as long as possible.

5. Cover floorboards
Floors suck the heat away from a room as they aren’t insulated, rugs and blankets can be used to stop the heating escaping through the floor and they will keep your toes toasty!

Make that change – upgrade your heating system

But these are only quick fixes, if you want to significantly improve the comfort of a home and decrease the bills you pay for your heating you need to upgrade your heating system. There are so many options available that you can switch to help keep the heating you pay for, in your home. It’s a switch that can provide long term cost savings on heating bills and make a difference in the colder months so you feel comfortable relaxing in your home.

Groundtherm work with any client and provide a variety of renewable heating solutions to suit you. We assess your home and conduct a full consultation before suggesting the solution that is right for you and operate across design, supply and installation. Read more about the renewable heating solutions Groundtherm can offer to make a big change to the future of heating your family home here.

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