RHI capping information released from the government

http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukdsi/2017/9780111156353/contents        Use this link to see the draft regulation changes.

The changes will take place in May,

The domestic tariffs have been increased for inflation:

ASHP 10.18p

GSHP 19.86p

Solar-Thermal 20.06p

The kW/hrs will be capped in May to limit the amount of kW/h used.

GSHP 30,000kW/h

ASHP 20,000kW/h

We feel these changes will affect sales but it will give the industry more stability going forward.

Natalie Bennett Leader of the Green party visits GroundTherm

Natalie bennet


Thanks to Natalie Bennett the leader of the Green party for Visiting the Green technology centre at Oldham college.GroundTherm carried out the installation and design along with Tony Ganner the Head of the plumbing department in 2012. This installation for the GTC is for training future renewable installers.





Case Study – Barn conversion, Middle Hengoed

Middle Hengoed, Kington, Herefordshire

Existing situation and objectives

Here the client wished to take advantage of the RHI scheme available, but also wanted to secure lower energy bills for years to come.… read more  

Case Study – New Build, Preston

Longridge, Whinney Brow, Preston

Existing situation and objectives

This was a new-build project, so a number of key objectives needed to be taken into consideration. The client wanted to incorporate a suitable renewable energy system into the property to ensure that the carbon emissions would remain at a low level for years to come – both for financial and environmental reasons. … read more  

Case Study – Holly Barn Farm

Holly Barn Farm, Marple, Stockport, Cheshire

Existing situation and objectives

This project was part of a new-build where the client wished to implement a renewable energy solution as opposed to using traditional fossil fuels and facing unstable future energy bills and expenditure. With this in mind, we liaised with the client, the architect and the builder closely during the design of the build and plant room situation. … read more  

Case Study – Canberra House, Hampshire

Canberra House – High Street Meonstoke Hampshire

Existing situation and objectives

In this case we fitted a ground source heat pump with boreholes for a code level 5 build. This solution matched the client’s objectives, which included a sustainable future with static energy bills and the chance to save using the government’s RHI initiative.… read more  

Case Study – Barn conversion, renewable energy

Location – Crewe

Existing situation and objectives

As always we carried out a thorough consultation with the clients before scoping the work to determine their objectives – which included greener energy with the added peace of mind of static energy bills going forward. As the property is a barn conversion the clients wanted to be self-sufficient and explore cleaner, renewable options right from the start rather than installing a traditional energy source.… read more  

Case Study – Ground Source Heat Pump Retrofit

Location – Wilmslow, Cheshire

Existing situation and objectives

This client wanted to go down renewable energy route for ethical and financial reasons.


Initially before any work began we carried out a heat loss survey, to determine the hot water and heating load, in addition to a British Geological Survey in order to calculate accurate borehole depths.… read more  

Case Study – Underfloor Heating & Heat Pump Retrofit

Location – Manchester

Existing situation and objectives

In this instance the client was living in an older property, but wanted sustainable energy to replace her old gas system – ideally, she wanted to come off gas to bring down her bills whilst reducing her Co2 emissions. Following a thorough review of the client’s property and requirements we recommended a Ground Source Heat Pump with boreholes, which we retrofit whilst installing an efficient underfloor heating system simultaneously.… read more